First Ride of 2011

Hi B2R fans,
After the long winter we’ve had in Montreal, today we witnessed the first sunny skies. All conditions were a go. So I the morning I played with my sons in the park and then I headed out for my first adventures.

A week ago I check my bike if it was in good shape, checked the oil battery and gas. It was good to go . Only went out for half an hour just to ensure that the bike was ready to go. So this morning, I headed out to the south shore. Took Champlain bridge and first destination, my friends place. He didn’t feel to but I was able to do some riding on my own. Took the usual road avoid major highways and enjoyed every second of it.

The wind was not took cold which suprised me. This pushed me to go a little further. But I kept it simple not too far down a La Prairie and some other sectors.I rode for about 1 full hour then headed back home.
Well that’s it. Today’s short ride was brought to you by B2R.
Would you like to contribute? Send me some mails. I need to know how many people would be interested in posting their own stories on my site. The more the better!
B2R. Less Talking… More Riding…

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