Fall Ride 2011 Update 1

Hi B2R fans,

finally a ride has been planned (short notice) to go with a couple of friends who just got their motorcycle license. We’re meeting tomorrow morning around 9:30 and I’m thinking of riding around the border line. I’ll keep you posted.

Dressing warm, not taking any chances; double pants, warm socks, neck warm, gloves. Will also bring a wind shield for my helmet in case the wind istoo cold in the morning.

So excited, cannot wait for tomorrow.


We met a 9:30, we were four all together. And I was going to be the leader.I hope I still remembered all the safety lessons when riding four or more.

After meeting at DIX30, we headed out to La Prairie and slowly rode towards Hemmingford region. Nothing to complicated as I got off Bataille Street off 104 and headed south. I must admit the terrain has changed much since the beginning of the year.The leaves are turning, yellow, orange and red stunning views as the trees around …. (more to come)

We took the scenic route.

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