First Ride of the Season 2016

Hey B2R fans, another year has arrived and finally, here in Montreal, we had a magnificent day for riding.

This morning I was a little nervous taking out my bike for the first time. It always reminds of all my previous years of starting  new season and reminiscing on all memories from the past. This year nothing too special, just a beautiful ride along Boulevard and came back in about half an hour.

The bike was flawless, nothing to worry about it seems good to go. Riding brought a great big smile as I was cruising on the streets. I was getting a lot of thumbs up and many smiles from onlookers.

More to come, as this year is quite special… I’ll tell you more later.


Enjoy Daniel’s first Ride of the year! BTW he sold his bike. Now he wants to buy another one! LOL

First Ride of the Year 2016


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