Hi Biker Dudes and welcome to born2ride website. Well there you have it. We always wanted to start a motorcycle web page and this is what we thought of. Born2ride.org was created by 3 cool guys (when I say were cool, does that make us uncool?) that love riding. So I was thinking -that does not happen a lot ;), man it would be great if we could share our motorcycle stories with others. So I called my friends Dude2 and Dude3, I’m Dude number 1, and talked about this start up.
And best of all, we have mapped all of our favorite rides. This website will also contain cool motorcycle rides that explores the curvy roads of North America. Mostly near Montreal 😛

Finally I would like to thank ALL OF OUR FRIENDS who has been supporting us. I know were missing content. I know the web page is static. I know I need to update my links. Don’t worry about it. We will work on this website part time and you’ll see many improvements. So keep checking up on us 🙂
Now to break the ice, I will start writing about my motorcycle stories. I hope you will like them.
Thanks Dude1.

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