Autumn Ride 2007

I have to admit, one of my favorite rides is when the leaves start falling. Autumn is a beautiful season where all the leaves from the trees start falling. The colors also are beautiful changing from green to a bright red, yellow, orange. When I ride, I notice these changes. Mother Earth is changing and the views are breath taking.

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June 30th. Crocodile Dundee

June 30th. Crocodile Dundee. Mileage 333 KM

This ride consist of going down the route 223 down to Lacolle and then route 202 until you reach Parc Safari at that point we went south to the James Fisher road. In the Hemmingford county this road becomes the infamous Covey Hill Road. We tried to go for lunch in Rockburn at the Irish pub but it was too early, apparently it only opens its door at noon sharp. After that we rode to the Huntingdon village and we ate at Mange Tes Patates instead (quite a downgrade), still felt good to eat something when you are that hungry. We passed through Huntingdon until we reached Ridge road. We rode on Ridge road, initially I was a bit disappointed since there was quite alot of stressed traffic coming out of the village speeding on the road, but it settled down after a couple of miles. Eventually on Ridge road you climb on a small plateau where you can see all the valley south, you even see the wind power plant in Clinton, NY which is like 10 KM away, these things are huge and ugly. I made a note to come back here on Ridge road to explore more of that very bucolic valley. Once we reached the Dundee county we decided to come back. On the way back for a change we took some detour through the back roads in Franklin, it was well worth it. We came back to the Richelieu river mostly via route 202 after Franklin.

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June 12th Ride… Never Ever Again

I decided to take a small ride on a weeknight as it was quite nice outside and not too cold. I went down highway 15 to the route 202 exit in Saint-Bernard. It was about 7:30PM I decided to start my *real* ride from there, the temperature was just nice and it was quite an experience to ride in these parts at that time of the day, I did not see a single car from Hemmingford to Franklin. I rode on the 202 up to the Hinchinbrooke county, Rockburn village to be more precise. It was still clear outside but the sun was starting to hide itself, so I decided to come back to avoid potential troubles. It got darker and darker by the minute, I rode back the route 202. I barely saw a couple of deers crossing the road, it was getting pretty cold. I got back to the highway 15, the ride was over but actually the fun was just beginning. Up to that point I was not able to gas up the motorcycle because every gas station was closed, so I ran out of gas on the highway and obviously at such a high speed I decided it was not a good idea to switch the gas switch and restart the engine so I stopped on the shoulder. So I was on the reserve and I am never too sure of how much gas the bike has on the reserve and the next gas station is about 15-20KM away, so I rode on the highway a bit stressed up to that point. I got back home at 10:30PM and was totally frozen, because I was not properly dress to ride at night. So that is something totally not recommended.

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La Prairie To Saint-Roch-De-Richelieu


We followed chemin Bellerive up to Chambly where it becomes route 223, thrn through the populated Montreal south shore suburbs until we reached Saint-Marc- Sur-Richelieu. At that point we really felt like we were taking a ride and not just commuting through stressed out cages traffic. Riding through the craddle of the patriots following the Richelieu river, we noticed there was alot of boat traffic on this so-called river highway to lake Champlain, and water did not look all that clear. We followed the route 223 up to Saint-Roch-De-Richelieu where it becomes the main strip, initially we had decided to go to Sorel, but we felt that we were running a little late. So we ate some french fries at the village cantina, yummy. We rode back home using a slightly different itinerary than the one we took to get there. We rode back along the Rang du Brule in Saint-Antoine-Sur-Richelieu which is a really nice area, you get to see alot of 200 years old stone houses intact and nice barley fields, and no car traffic, the road is all yours. After we rode on Montee Vercheres from the Calixa Lavallee village which is not recommended due to its fast through traffic. Finally we went down to Rang des 60, much recommended range with alot of wooded farm land which is quite refreshing on a hot day, although the last 10 miles are not that great since you go through Saint-Amable which is now suburbia.

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Solo Ride 2 North Shore.


Friday I decided to take a day off a go for a ride. It was a good decision. This time, I headed North. Once in Laval, I wanted to ride along the rivere des Outaouais. At first it was a bit dull as I had to go thru the city. But then, it got more intersting when I stopped at Speedtrix and Hydro Damn. Definite place to visit. Highway 344 was a good choice to ride. As I arrived to Hawkesbury, I stoped at the tourist information for a quick organic beer. Yap for 4 bucks, you get a nice beer.

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Vacation 2007, Montreal – Saguenay via La Tuque

Hey B2R fans !

I’m preparing for a big trip in the Saguenay region. According to my new book, “Le Quebec a moto”, Montreal – La Tuque is around 650kms. This book will guide me as a reference and I will have this book in my saddle bags as reference.


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Memory Lane Ride

April 5th, 4 degrees; Odometer:26587-26606

Today, the sun was shining, the temperature was good enough for me to take out my bike for a short ride. I have to admit I was a little rusty. The bike felt really heavy and I had problems balancing the while pushing it out. Soon I’ll get the hang of it. It’s like riding a bike right?
Ok this ride is one of my favorites –and most common– rides I go on. Why? Because this is where I grew up! Yes, Ville de Lasalle, South West of Montreal right next to the St-Laurence River near Blvd. Lasalle. When I was young, the whole stretch between Verdun up until Lachine even Dorval was my playground. Nowadays, I still get to play in this area with exception of one upgrade: my Harley-Davidson ! Yeah ! No more 12 speed bike going up and down the cities. With my motorcycle I can go up to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and visit the locks.
Ok, enough about the past, now I’ll go into details about this ride. Bike started well, 3 tries, warmed up about 20 minutes and I was off. The temperature was really good, unlike my first ride :). I was comfortable and did not feel the cold wind hitting my face. I noticed many birds mostly ducks and seagals on the shore as many residents sometimes feed them as past time. So nothing special in this ride other than the usual “Hello’s” from our kind citizens of Lasalle. Many were our walking, running, biking, you name it. The sun brings out the good in everyone. So my started from the Lachine Rapides (or should I say Lasalle) all the way up to the Lachine Lighthouse. I decided to stop and rest there. On the other side of the street, another famous rest stop; Dairy Queen. Don’t worry, I did not buy ice cream 🙂
Upon my arrival, as I was shutting my engine down, I heard from afar: “You just made my day.” I looked to my right and I met a fisherman who enjoys motorcycles. Also, a cyclist was there and we talked for a bout half an hour. They were nice people. Another thing I noticed was the River. Massive ice blocks was traveling towards the shore slowly but steadily. Impressive. After that, I jumped on my bike and I was off. I was really happy about today ride since it gave me time to enjoy the little thing of life. Things we take for granted.
Basically, I enjoyed the sun.

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First ride of 2008, April 4th, 1 degree. L’Acadie River. Mileage:37KM

It was about 45F outside, so a very chill afternoon, it didn’t matter I decided the bike had rested long enough during that cruel winter we just had (3 solid months of snowfalls). The bike started real easy as I prepped it and regularly made it run in the previous weeks so it was gonna be ready for this special occasion. There was still tall 5ft snowbanks on the roadside but it did not really matter as the roads were ice free and mostly dried up. Few minutes into the ride I saw a nice herd of deers that were trying to scrounge some food in the now uncovered corn fields, there were about 75 to a 100 deers quite a nice sight, I am used to that since they are almost always there during the early spring. It might have been very cold outside but I barely noticed until the end of the ride, I guess the adrenalin and the anticipation for the season start overcame any physical sensations. The ride was very pleasant even though the roads were in bad shapes you just had to be more road aware and extra careful. The water level in the l’Acadie was pretty high due to the fact that we are right in the middle of a late thawing period, it was quite scary in some areas the water is this close to the houses and buildings. In fact I had to take a slight detour to avoid a very flooded area on a country road. Overall I really appreciated the ride not too many bad car drivers pushing me around.

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First ride of 2008, March 25th, 1 degree. Odometer:26567-26587

This afternoon at 11:30, I couldn’t resist any more. I had to take my bike out. I have to admit I was pretty excited, when I remove the cover from my bike, I thought to my self-this is what I was waiting for the whole winter. I was so excited.

So I pushed my motorcycle out, it was heavier than i thought but I was able to put it on the street. So this is it. I can start the bike… I was a bit worried since I never started my bike this winter. Result… The motorcycle was too cold. The engine revved but no sparks. Everything must have ceased up. After 5-6 tries I gave up. What I did what I left the bike in the sun to warm up. In the meantime, I had drained my battery, yes I did, so I was looking for an extension. Obviously, I could not find an extension long enough to reach. Anyways long story short. I tried to start it one more time even though the battery was dead.And this time it worked. The warmth of the sun did its job.

Wow my Harley was running… The engine was in excellent condition. The sound it gave out was nice and clear…. It was a Harley!!!! I left it running for about 15-20 minutes just to let it catch its breath. I was looking for any leaks or cracks and all seemed to be in good condition.

Now was the time to take my first ride. I was so excited, like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to go for a spin. I was a bit nervous since it has been a while I haven’t gone on my bike. Anyways nerves a side I went out. Oh man it was awesome.

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My first motorcycle: Harley-Davidson Softail ’93

This is where it all started

I remember my first ride like it was yesterday. Back home I had an old leather jacket. It was a little worn out. The air was cold and the wind was burning my skin. I was unbelievable. The feeling of riding a motorcycle for the first time was good. I was happy. I wasn’t riding so fast as I was afraid of wrecking it. Anyways a cruiser is never meant to be pushed at its limits. I was riding near the shores shoes of Saguenay, La Baie. Story to continue..

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