Canada Day Trip in New York and Vermont

On Canada Day, Thursday, July 1st I’ve decided to go for a trip to the USA. Simon had a day off and I called him up to see if he was in the mood for a day of riding. Of course he accepted. So 8am, I was at his place and we both brought our passports along. :)

I have to admit the the ride was not that pleasant since the weather was not cooperating with us. It was a cool autumn day, around 12-15 degrees outside.

Anyways we took what we had at the moment and chose to set off for a small ride. The ride itself was great. No car, no nobody. We were alone on the streets of Quebec and New York State.The Qc streets were awful of course. As we were heading south I couldn’t wait to hit US soil.

As usual, Simon rode thought the back roads and we saw the usual farms and animals. Also, in the morning we had some different smells which were pretty good. Sort of a pine forest fresh scent. You had to be there.

Now, the good part, crossing the border. Once we passed the usual questions at the border we noticed, in Malone, we were directly heading towards a rain storm. We were riding in between these clouds and dodged all rain that day ! ! ! ! Yeah really. Just check our map below. Trust me we weren’t lost or drunk. We were avoiding the clouds :)

Pretty fun actually. Ok we stopped at a store for some snacks called the Mountain Mart. Let me tell you they make a killer sandwich. Just order the ‘Mixed Sandwich’ and you’ll thank me later. Later Simon decided to push it up one notch and towards Vermont. So went to Isle Lamotte and called it a day. Check out out the pics and look at our map.

You are always welcome to join… Just sed us a mail. We might crate a group for a weekend trip. I’ll keep you posted.

View Isle Lamotte in a larger map


Less Talking… More Riding …

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