Preparing for big trip… St-Ambroise-de-Kildare (Update)

Hey Born2Ride fans…

I’m preparing for the last ride of the year by heading out to the north east. To be more exact, St-Ambroise-de-Kildare. Were are going there to pick up a spanking new motorcycle with my new best friend 🙂 Were picking up Kawasaki V-Strom 650 all equipped and heading out for a cold ride. Yes, I know, cold. Usually, I do not go do cold rides, but this time, I’ll make an exception. 

We leave Friday at noon, the weather seems to be on our side (see wunderground link).

Now, “a la my friend Willie style”, I will enumerate my gear for tomorrow:

  • Rain kit, if needed
  • Camera, of course
  • A thermal combo suit (50/50)
  • Thinsulate tuque
  • Warm gloves
  • T-Shirt and polar sweater
  • Wool socks
  • Cell phone… don’t think I need it
  • … I am not, however, bringing a spare gas tank 🙂 or should I say “2 Benzin-Reservekanister 5 L, mit Halterungen an den”

View Map

I must admit the ride was pretty fun. The weather was a bit cold but the clothing I wore saved me from frost bite. Sven also did a good job with his new motorcycle.  Here are the pics.

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