Sorel-Tracy and Yamaska Ride

Yesterday morning we headed out again for fun and adventures, but this time we headed East. When I arrived at Simon’s place, we were thinking of of visiting something new. He recommended Sorel-Tracy. I, of course, did not mind at all. So we hit highway 30 and headed eastbound. The weather was not too cold with a little wind but nothing too bothersome.
We found some great resting spots as we drove along the Yamaska River. This ride reminded me a lot of the Vermont area as the grass and fields had many colors of green. Also there were some nice hills and a little curvy roads to speak of. Nice for a beginner to get the hang of the roads. We were surprised at the beautiful scenic roads and we will surely return to this nice area.

Sorel-Tracy and Yamaska Ride

Enjoy the pics.

View Sorel and Yamaska river in a larger map.

Less Talking… More Riding…


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