Good Ol’ faithful, the Chateauguay River.

As I am blessed with two kids, I have realized that my motorcycle rides will be less often. Well yesterday guess what, both kids went to sleep and I had a 3 hour window to go riding. So I literally ran out of the house went to my Harley and started it up. I have to admit the bike was a bit rusty but after a couple of minutes of warming up the bike was ready to go.

On my way to start my adventure, I have to cross a bridge and ride a little on the highway. This ride was somehow special to me since I realized how lucky I am to have my two boys in my life. I’m telling you riding makes you think. But, you should also check your blind spots :). Anyways, back to my story. I realized that I am surrounded with good family, friends and co-workers (I am starting to miss these guys). Yep, I’m pretty happy.

I stopped at a corner store to buy myself a small refreshing drink for my pit stop in between my ride. And back on the saddle again. The weather was beautiful. The birds were chirping, the lawn mowers were buzzing and not one sigh of a car around me. As I only had 2-3 hours, I decided to go slower and enjoy the scenic view. Things change in a month; corn fields are fully grown, the River has a different texture, it’s beautiful.

Maybe next time I’ll invite some friends over for the ride as my time is pretty tight these days around.

I returned back home near the Rang du Quarante street. I guess it’s back to my little family 😛

I can’t wait for my next trip 🙂

Less Talking… More Riding…

Here’s a direct link to the map.

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