Lake Placid August 2009

Lake Placid, 540km
Hey everyone! Here is our story of Lake Placid. As you remember, last time we ‘chickened out’ from the ride and just plain cancelled it. We this time we made sure that: “Either Rain or Shine we set off to the unknown.” Well, we do know where going…. But anyways the “Either Rain or Shine” part was true.
Btw, please excuse my blog as I have not yet got the hang of the html thing. I will try to learn as I go.

Lake Placid 2009

As the sun was rising in the morning, I packed my bags with the minimum accessories. Basically, change of pants, socks, tooth brush and a rain kit. There was a cold breeze hitting me on the bike as i was headed to Simon’s place. Not much traffic at around 7am. So I was riding at around 50km/h. As soon as I reached highway 104, I was getting excited as were, yet again, heading off for an adventure. Oh and an adventure it will be.
I arrive at starting destination, Simon was all ready outside preparing his baggage. We headed out 5 minutes later double-checking or gears and our passports.
As usual, we took the country road, so check out our maps for more details. My bike was tip top shape. Sure it needed some polishing, but it lasted the whole week as I was using it daily. In the morning I check the oil, gas level and kicked the tires and I was off.

Here is our map of the Lake Placid ride. Enjoy.
View Lake Placid 2009 in a larger map

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