Revenge on the weather.

As you may have noticed, due to weather conditions we did not goto Lake Placid for the weekend. Well today, the 20th of July, after work we got our revenge. We went for a 3 hour ride and explored the country side.

I think this was one of our best rides as we explored new roads. At first the weather was clear. Beautiful skies above us with few distinct clouds. We saw many farms including some animals like horses and of course cows.And we headed south, a small mist came too and then the real surprise hit us…. Wel, not hit, but smell. The forest, the flowers, the vegetation realease such beautiful smells that only a motorcyce rider can understand what we are talking about.

By referencing the map below we crossed many small town villages: St-Philippe, St-Edouard, Sherrington and finally Hemmingford.

Simon did it again. Pulled a super ride out of nowhere and we really enjoyed the scenery. At every stop sign, we were chatting up every town. One word: impressive.

Born2Ride crew.

View Revenge on weather in a larger map

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