La Prairie To Saint-Roch-De-Richelieu


We followed chemin Bellerive up to Chambly where it becomes route 223, thrn through the populated Montreal south shore suburbs until we reached Saint-Marc- Sur-Richelieu. At that point we really felt like we were taking a ride and not just commuting through stressed out cages traffic. Riding through the craddle of the patriots following the Richelieu river, we noticed there was alot of boat traffic on this so-called river highway to lake Champlain, and water did not look all that clear. We followed the route 223 up to Saint-Roch-De-Richelieu where it becomes the main strip, initially we had decided to go to Sorel, but we felt that we were running a little late. So we ate some french fries at the village cantina, yummy. We rode back home using a slightly different itinerary than the one we took to get there. We rode back along the Rang du Brule in Saint-Antoine-Sur-Richelieu which is a really nice area, you get to see alot of 200 years old stone houses intact and nice barley fields, and no car traffic, the road is all yours. After we rode on Montee Vercheres from the Calixa Lavallee village which is not recommended due to its fast through traffic. Finally we went down to Rang des 60, much recommended range with alot of wooded farm land which is quite refreshing on a hot day, although the last 10 miles are not that great since you go through Saint-Amable which is now suburbia.

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