June 30th. Crocodile Dundee

June 30th. Crocodile Dundee. Mileage 333 KM

This ride consist of going down the route 223 down to Lacolle and then route 202 until you reach Parc Safari at that point we went south to the James Fisher road. In the Hemmingford county this road becomes the infamous Covey Hill Road. We tried to go for lunch in Rockburn at the Irish pub but it was too early, apparently it only opens its door at noon sharp. After that we rode to the Huntingdon village and we ate at Mange Tes Patates instead (quite a downgrade), still felt good to eat something when you are that hungry. We passed through Huntingdon until we reached Ridge road. We rode on Ridge road, initially I was a bit disappointed since there was quite alot of stressed traffic coming out of the village speeding on the road, but it settled down after a couple of miles. Eventually on Ridge road you climb on a small plateau where you can see all the valley south, you even see the wind power plant in Clinton, NY which is like 10 KM away, these things are huge and ugly. I made a note to come back here on Ridge road to explore more of that very bucolic valley. Once we reached the Dundee county we decided to come back. On the way back for a change we took some detour through the back roads in Franklin, it was well worth it. We came back to the Richelieu river mostly via route 202 after Franklin.

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