June 12th Ride… Never Ever Again

I decided to take a small ride on a weeknight as it was quite nice outside and not too cold. I went down highway 15 to the route 202 exit in Saint-Bernard. It was about 7:30PM I decided to start my *real* ride from there, the temperature was just nice and it was quite an experience to ride in these parts at that time of the day, I did not see a single car from Hemmingford to Franklin. I rode on the 202 up to the Hinchinbrooke county, Rockburn village to be more precise. It was still clear outside but the sun was starting to hide itself, so I decided to come back to avoid potential troubles. It got darker and darker by the minute, I rode back the route 202. I barely saw a couple of deers crossing the road, it was getting pretty cold. I got back to the highway 15, the ride was over but actually the fun was just beginning. Up to that point I was not able to gas up the motorcycle because every gas station was closed, so I ran out of gas on the highway and obviously at such a high speed I decided it was not a good idea to switch the gas switch and restart the engine so I stopped on the shoulder. So I was on the reserve and I am never too sure of how much gas the bike has on the reserve and the next gas station is about 15-20KM away, so I rode on the highway a bit stressed up to that point. I got back home at 10:30PM and was totally frozen, because I was not properly dress to ride at night. So that is something totally not recommended.

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