Solo Ride, heading towards U.S borders

Mileage: 249 km’s

On that Sunday morning, I wanted to go for a ride. Something was pushing me to go out. Was it the sun? Was it because I haven’t gone out for quite a while? How about all of the above.

I wanted to go out and do a memorable ride. So before going out, I took for my camera and decided to take pictures this time. I hope you enjoy the picture. I wanted a quiet ride. So I chose to go out and find the Chateauguay River. On my way to the river, I hit some traffic. Crossing the bridge, even on a Sunday, could be congested.

So there I was on Le chemin du Grand Marais, en joying a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. There was no cars, as this ride is pretty quite. Not many people know this nice trail. When I reached St-Martine there was a bicycle race. I was able to go through since the race was almost done. On my way, I saw this beautiful old house an I had to stop an take pictures. They came out great.

For lunch I stopped at, a nice and friendly Irish pub in Hemmingford. I had an oignon soup and a Guiness bees. The best soup ever.

This article was updated on feb 27 2010. My memory is vague….. But this year I will surely do this ride again.
More to come…. Born2Ride.

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